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Prophet Muhammad ﷺ used to go walking with ‘Ā’ishah RA at night while talking with each other.” — (Bukhārī)

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I pray for a day when the children of Syria&Palestine wake up to the sound of birds and not bombs… (via 1love-1ummah)


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The bigger desire you have for a sin, the greater your Imaan is if you leave it. Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen (via halal-love-stories)

very true

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A man should be so drenched in his imaan, that when a woman tries to touch his heart, she’ll feel Allah before she feels his love.

and when i felt Allah in his heart i feared Allah

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When deciding on who to marry, make the wise choice, choose character over beauty, person over money, mind over body and religion over degree. When making Dua to Allah ask for the total package!

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Truly in the heart there is a sadness that cannot be removed except with the happiness of knowing Allah. Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyya (via umm-abideen12)

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